Cybernetic Circus Freaks

Dive into the horrific world of the future.

Where man meets machine for the entertainment of the poweful.


Who is Sakunera


Sakunera is Liam Buchan, a Melbourne based artist that explores both music and electronics.

Liam started getting passionate about music shortly after seeing films such as Bladerunner, Alien and The Thing. Drawing inspiration from 80’s synth film scores and retro video games and mixing that with influences from modern game soundtracks, Liam ends up somewhere in between the calm and relaxed nostalgic synth sounds and intense, horrific concepts.

A love for tinkering with electronics also means he always has an idea on his mind.


News & Updates



Cybernetic Circus Freaks

by Sakunera

Welcome to the circus. Come watch our local performers do death defying acts, amazing stunts and tear each other apart for the entertainment of the rich. If you have any inquiries about the performers and recent cases of missing persons, head to our admin team and they will deal with you shortly.

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